Our recognised, accepted and shared values as well as the rights, duties and responsibilities of every person


Honesty, correctness, cooperation and mutual respect.

The Code identifies the essential values, reference standards and rules of conduct, setting the principles governing the behaviour of those working within and/or in the name of the Company in its relations with current or potential customers, shareholders, collaborators, suppliers and Public Authorities. To protect its image and safeguard its resources, the Company shall not hold relations with any parties who do not intend to work in strict compliance with the laws in force and/or who refuse to comply with the ethical principles and rules of conduct laid down in this Code.

(extract of SECTION 1, INTRODUCTION of the CODE OF ETHICS 0200-SI-001 dated 28 April 2012)


The Code – adopted by resolution of the Board of Directors of the Company on 28 April 2012 and which came into force on the same date – is addressed to directors, auditors and any party exercising management or control of the Company, whatever their legal and formal capacity.
Other recipients of the Code, who are obliged to comply with its principles and who are subject to penalties in the event of the breach of its provisions, include employees, suppliers, collaborators and anyone working in the name of and on behalf of SICIM, now or in the future. […] The Company furthermore undertakes to promote the effective knowledge of the Code in all Work sites and/or organisational units, and shall provide them with an integral copy of the Code.

(extract of SECTION 1, ART. 1 of the CODE OF ETHICS 0200-SI-001 dated 28 April 2012)

Ethical principles and reference values

The binding principle of the Company is the compliance with the laws and regulations in force in all countries in which it operates. Under no circumstances will SICIM justify or tolerate any conduct that is in breach of such laws, even when this is pursued in its own interests.
This undertaking requires that also the parties with which the Company maintains relations, for any purpose whatsoever, act towards it using rules and in a manner that are inspired by the same values.

Honesty represents the fundamental principle for all SICIM’s activities, and constitutes an essential value of the management of its organisation. Relations with Recipients, at all levels, must be based on criteria of correctness and responsible behaviour, collaboration, fairness and mutual respect.

(extract of SECTION 1, ARTICLES 2.1 and 2.2 of the CODE OF ETHICS 0200-SI-001 dated 28 April 2012)

Safety, health and working conditions

The respect of personal physical integrity and well-being is one of the Company’s ethical values. This applies to employees, collaborators, subcontractors, suppliers, customers, third parties and members of the public who are involved in SICIM activities for any reason whatsoever.

The staff and collaborators are an indispensable resource for the success of the Company and therefore SICIM protects and promotes the value of its human resources, in order to improve and increase the experience and wealth of skills possessed by each collaborator, and guarantees working conditions that respect individual dignity. SICIM is therefore committed to achieving the highest standards of Health and Safety in the workplace, in all its activities and in all countries in which it operates.

(extract of SECTION 1, ART. 2.6 of the CODE OF ETHICS 0200-SI-001 dated 28 April 2012)