A key resource for continued value creation

Respect, competence and safety. For all.

Working in SICIM means creating value for yourself and for the company

Today just as yesterday, in SICIM we believe that it is people who make the difference, with their passion and their skills. In fact, they are the people who spread the corporate values and culture in the various countries where we operate and who allow us to achieve our challenging business objectives. We believe in the importance of investing in employee training and in their professional growth, encouraging their development and keeping their skills up to date with innovations. We are committed to invest in generating value, in the short and long term, and to build a healthy and safe work environment, free from any form of discrimination or harassment, capable of valuing diversity.

In particular, in an international context characterized by the presence of cultures that may be very distant and different each other’s, diversity represents an opportunity for exchange and enrichment not only for people, but also for SICIM itself: employees have the opportunity to express themselves, with their own unique skills and experience background and, at the same time, SICIM is committed to guarantee a peaceful and welcoming place in which to make the most of each person’s uniqueness. Enhancement of people with their diversity, training, communication, employees well-being and inclusion are recognized by SICIM as fundamental values.

Sustainability, competence, safety, and respect are values in which we strongly believe and are essential requirements in building the SICIM of the future.

These are values that derive from respect of Human Rights in their broadest sense and that SICIM applies and promotes in its personnel policies, with adherence to the Principles of the United Nations (UN) Global Compact, with the diffusion of the Code of Ethics and with the adoption of Model 231.