Supervisory Body

The internal control body monitoring the actual effectiveness of the Model

The internal control body monitoring the actual effectiveness of the Model.

A guarantee for ethics and transparency

The task of monitoring the operation and compliance of the Organisational Model, and managing the relative updating, must be assigned to a body (the "Supervisory Body"), with autonomous powers of initiative and control. The members of the Supervisory Body must possess subjective requirements that assure the autonomy, independence and professionalism of the body in the execution of its activities.

The characteristic of autonomy in its powers of initiative and control mean that the Supervisory Body must be:

in a position of independence compared to those on which it shall carry out the supervision
without operational tasks
with financial autonomy

Considering the above and the company operations, the Company has deemed it to be appropriate and coherent for the Supervisory Body to be composed of 3 members, appointed by the Board of Directors.

The Supervisory Body meets on a quarterly basis and its main functions are the following:

supervision of the effective application of the Organisational Model, through the production and implementation of a supervision and control programme / work plan
supervision of the appropriateness of the Organisational Model, i.e. its effectiveness in preventing Crimes
supervision of the duration over time of the effectiveness requirements of the Organisational Model
promotion of the updating of the Organisational Model, where necessary

The Recipients are bound to report any suspected breach of the Model to the Supervisory Body, preferably by sending an e-mail to (although any other means of communication may be used). The Body will act in such a way as to protect the reporting party acting in good faith from any retaliation, discrimination or penalisation, and shall ensure the confidentiality of their identity, without prejudice to legal obligations and the protection of the rights of the Company or the involved parties, as well as the reputation of the reporting party(ies).