Local communities and territory

Consolidating mutual knowledge

Collaborative and lasting relations. Anywhere.

Experiences from the territory

Strengthened by our ties to the territory, we have maintained and even expanded our headquarters in Busseto, in the province of Parma, Italy. Here, along with many other local companies, we are committed to actively confirming the value of “Made in Italy” built on a combination of competence and quality. We believe that every company has a duty to contribute to the development and success of the community and the territory in which it operates, we stand by the associations of the Busseto area in support of sport, culture, health, and others.

SICIM’s commitment to ESG projects and initiatives goes beyond national borders, accompanying our activities also at international level, to create long-term value and contribute both to Sustainable Development Goals and to local socio-economic development, in close cooperation with local communities.

We at SICIM are rooted in our resources, their ideals, and principles, participating in the social and economic development of our host countries.

Playing an active role

In the local community

In our 60 years of experience, we have operated in over 25 countries thanks to a flexible structure made up of local units and branches capable of responding to local needs and sustainability challenges on an individual basis. Wherever we operate, we play an active role in the community, engaging in the development of collaborative and lasting relations with local stakeholders, both where we already have a long-standing presence and where we have recently established contacts.

Our goal is to make our business model sustainable: we generate new jobs, stimulate local business by increasing the demand for local goods and services, build and improve infrastructure, contribute to the education system, and develop the professional skills of human resources.