Happy International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem!

Happy International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem!

According to Unesco, mangroves are rare, spectacular and prolific ecosystems that support rich biodiversity and provide a valuable breeding habitat for fish and shellfish. These species perform vital functions for the planet by acting as a natural barrier against hurricanes and tsunamis and, at the same time, they filter and maintain the quality of the water, as well as absorbing significant quantities of CO2. 

Despite being present in 123 countries, mangrove forests represent less than 1% of global tropical forests and forest cover. 

Due to the progressive increase in population in Mexico, these habitats have decreased as their ecosystems have been impacted by the urbanization of the coasts and by the development of tourism and aquaculture facilities.

Through the development of a specific and coordinated strategy to guarantee the conservation of flora and fauna, we at SICIM have been committed to protecting these species since the beginning of the Sur De Texas - Tuxpan Pipeline project, with a (sub) zero impact on the mangroves. In fact, not only was the survival rate of these specimens 100%, but there was also a 33% increase in new plants. 

The arboreal and faunal heritage of an area is an asset to be protected and safeguarded: SICIM operates in full respect of local biodiversity, developing specific actions and plans to ensure the conservation of the ecosystem that hosts our activities.