SICIM and Treedom: a three-year alliance for the environment

SICIM and Treedom: a three-year alliance for the environment

SICIM has started a three-year collaboration with Treedom, the first web platform in the world that allows to plant a tree remotely.

The tree species are planted directly by local communities in 5 different Countries (Madagascar, Haiti, Ecuador, Kenya e Tanzania) and are chosen taking into account the needs of local populations and local biodiversity.

The philosophy is to create sustainable ecosystems and small agroforestry systems planting new trees in an agricultural system, for a sustainable use of resources and land. Therefore, all trees absorb CO2 during their growth, generating a benefit for the entire planet.

The trees and their fruits are owned by the communities involved who are accompanied in a process of conscious development, by means of training and support in the first years when trees are not yet productive in terms of fruit.

Farmers are thus allowed to diversify and supplement their income and in some cases to launch micro-entrepreneurship initiatives. A tree is therefore much more than a tree, contributing to obtain environmental, social and economic benefits.

With this meaning and thanks to innovative models of doing business, SICIM is contributing to the achievement of 10 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).