Facility Engineering Construction Services, Tengiz Field

Facility Engineering Construction Services, Tengiz Field

Informazioni sul progetto

Provision of consumable supplies, tools, construction equipment, engineering, procurement and construction services for:


  • Prefabrication of piping spools, bolted and welded structures
  • Installation of Equipment, Vessels and Machinery including:
    • Transport to location, lifting to foundation, erection and alignment of equipment and vessels.
    • Delivery of pipes shall commence as per the schedule given in the Service Order:
      • Upon receipt of the pipe, Contractor’s representatives and a Company representative shall inspect the pipe, identify and mark up any damages caused by shipment. All pipes shall be handled in such a manner as to protect from damage during unloading, handling, loading, stacking, stringing and storage. Only non-metallic slings (no chains, steel cables etc.) of adequate size and length shall be used. Foreign material must be prevented from entering the pipe.
      • All open ends of welded pipe shall be protected and closed by the use of temporary caps whenever work is not in progress. End caps may be rubber, plastic or polyken tape.
    • Final adjustment of machines (compressors, blowers, fans, pumps, turbines, generators, etc.), equipment and tanks
    • Cleaning, lubricating commissioning and performance testing of rotating equipment
    • Coating and preservation of equipment
  • Structural Steelwork
    • Off-site prefabrication, mounting and erection of bolted and welded structures for buildings, towers, equipment and piping supports, etc. and application of protective coatings
  • Pipe Erection Work
    • Off-site prefabrication, inspection, coating and testing of piping spools, pipe supports and clips.
    • Piping erection below ground or on pipe racks, inclusive of installation of flanges, fittings, valves and instrument connections
    • Assembly and welding of pipe-line systems (both buried and surface), including supports and connections for instruments and sampling
    • Inspection of welds, pressure testing (strength and service testing) and certification
    • Coating of piping, pipe supports, equipment and pipeline systems for both above and below ground applications
  • Special Crafts
    • Application of insulation to piping, vessels and fittings
    • Cleaning, priming and application of protective coatings
    • Erection of scaffold and design of specialized scaffolds (e.g. load bearing scaffold)
    • Design and erection of shoring systems
    • Application of fire-protection system.
    • Application of thermal insulation systems.
    • Covering of heat insulation with metallic shells.
    • Piping and vessel degassing/cleaning/entry.
    • Pressure vessel repair
    • Disposal of hazardous wastes
    • Hot taps into piping
    • Cathodic protection of underground pipelines and structures
    • Carpentry and building renovations
    • Installation of utility systems
  • Production Welding

PSL 2 – Field Pipeline Repair and Construction Services
  • Removing old sections of pipe in the existing lines and replacing with new sections of pipe, including bends
  • Trenching and Backfilling
  • Anchor block construction
  • Transportation and delivery of piping
  • Pipe welding
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Coating
  • Lowering IN
  • Dewatering of the Flow Lines/Trunk/Gathering Lines
  • Painting of Piping and Piping Components:
  • The Services shall include sandblasting and painting of the installed surface facilities including all process piping, valves and supports installed by the Contractor.

As part of contract, SICIM has successfully executed the 4th street extension and reconstruction works up to the boundary of the 1st street; soil excavation and compaction, laying geotextile; walkways reconstruction and etc. for Kulsary Highway Rotation Village Entrance Road Project.




Tengiz, Kazakhstan