Work in Progress

ClientDescription of worksLenght (km)DNPeriod
TCO (KAZAKHSTAN)Master Contract: Various Construction Services.N/AN/A2011 2016
Gasoducto de Aguaprieta (MEXICO)Sonora Pipeline Corridor. (GDI-SICIM PIPELINES S.A. DE C.V.)83130"/36"2013 2016
TCO (KAZAKHSTAN)Master Contractor Services. Future Growth Project (FGP) / Wellhead Pressure Management Project (WPMP).N/AN/A2013 2016
TCO (KAZAKHSTAN)Master Contract. FE Construction Services.N/AN/A2013 2018
BOSCONGO (CONGO)Litchendjili Onshore Treatment Facilities Project Works.N/AN/A2013 2016
ENI CONGO (CONGO)Revamping of DCS/ESD/F&D System relating to M'Boundi Safety area (ESD automatic). (J.V. with NOVELLO)N/AN/A2013 2016
ENI CONGO (CONGO)Construction works of a New Firefighting System on Kouakouala Field.N/AN/A2013 2016
ENI CONGO (CONGO)Global Maintenance Services for onshore Installaions.N/AN/A2013 2016
TCO (KAZAKHSTAN)Master Contractor Services.N/AN/A2013 2016
RENCO (CONGO)Moho Nord Field Development. Contruction of the onshore oil pipeline.1,316"2014 2016
Transportadora De Gas Natural De La Huasteca (MEXICO)Master Services Agreement.N/AN/A2014 2016
AgipKCO (KAZAKHSTAN)Kashagan Field Development Experimental Programme Pipeline Inspection and Support Services.N/AN/A2014 2016
ENI CONGO (CONGO)Multidisciplinary activities for the realization of well head connection, mechanical installation, steel structures, electrical and instrumentation works for Eni Congo offshore fields.N/AN/A2015 2017
ICA FLUOR (MEXICO)Los Ramones Face ll Sur. Tramo l Y ll. (GDI-SICIM PIPELINES S.A. DE C.V.)18342"2014 2016
ODEBRECHT (PERU)Construction Works for the Turnkey EPC Pipeline Project "Gasoducto Sur"45424"/32"2015 2017
TANAP (TURKEY)Construction of the "TANAP-Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline",LOT 2.45056"2014 2017
FERMACA (MEXICO)El Encino - La Laguna Gas Pipeline. (GDI-SICIM PIPELINES S.A. DE C.V.)464,942"/20"/16"2015 2017
SONANGOL (ANGOLA)Sonaref Refinery Projects. Lobito Refinery Site Development. River Water Pipeline.2432"/24"2015 2016
TCO (KAZAKHSTAN)Second Generation Enhancement (SGE) Capacity & Reliability (CAR) Project. ping & Mechanical, Structural steel works.N/AN/A2015 2017
ERSAI Caspian Contractor LLC (KAZAKHSTAN)RFS-046/ Provision of civil and structural works.N/AN/A2015 2018
Maersk Oil Kazakhstan GmbH (KAZAKHSTAN)Supply of Pig Traps - Dunga Phase II ProjectN/AN/A2016
Maersk Oil Kazakhstan GmbH (KAZAKHSTAN)Fabrication of well pad skidsN/AN/A2016
FERMACA (MEXICO)HDD Rio Grande600 m30"2016
TENIZSERVICE (KAZAKHSTAN)Construction of "Cargo Transportation Route for Facilities in North-Eastern Part of the Caspian Sea". Near Shore Excavation 63km to 65.5km.N/AN/A2016 2017
TENIZSERVICE (KAZAKHSTAN)Construction of "Cargo Transportation Route for Facilities in North-Eastern Part of the Caspian Sea". Cargo Offloading Facility (COF)/ Cargo Storage Facility (CSF) Main Civil & Underground Work.N/AN/A2016 2018

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