Human Resources

Sicim is firmly convinced that the key to achieving the best performance from its employees and guaranteeing client satisfaction is a well-trained and motivated workforce. Therefore, Sicim management does everything possible to foster training and motivation throughout its departments worldwide.

Integration of different cultures is also a very important factor in Sicim's human resources management. There are more than 25 different nationalities on our personnel payroll. Each site is monitored to ensure integration of all cultures at all levels.

All Sicim's directors, managers, supervisors and employees are actively engaged in striving to improve performance, help reduce accidents and incidents and retain employees throughout worldwide projects. By increasing employees, training them and reducing loss of talent, Sicim retains its knowledge. With its 50 years of world-wide experience and knowledge, Sicim can guarantee the right person for any country at any level.

ClassificationHead OfficeEuropeRest of the WorldTotal
Top Management9031 40
Administration & Finance9089 98
Planning & Cost Controlling5047 52
Human resources9075 84
Engineering130125 138
Procurement & Logistics150106 121
Commercial & Proposal6017 23
Workshop & Warehouse4001229 1269
Quality20206 208
Health, Safety & Environment50504 509
ICT308 11
Legal4022 26
Project Management & Supervision10380 381
Construction902292 2301
Unskilled60973 979

Last updated on 05/04/2016

Highest priority is given to training personnel on both technical and HSE issues. Professional courses, awareness meetings and induction courses on specific HSE topics are conducted utilizing internal and external structures, providing the basis for an excellent Health, Safety and Environment record.
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