The range of services that SICIM can offer include the following upstream activities that are, at all times, executed in a professional, timely and competitive manner.

Engineering and Procurement

Engineering, procurement, commissioning and training services for EPC works.

Topographic survey, route selection and as-built services.

Specialist support services and assistance to third parties.

Construction and Project Management

Project Management, Quality Assurance/Quality Control, Health, Safety and Environmental services, finalisation of detailed Project Procedures;

Construction of land pipelines for oil, gas and water in any type of ground and condition; construction of ancillary plants and facilities such as pumping/compression stations, metering systems, scraper trap and valve stations;

Installation of plants for the oil and gas industry such as petrochemicals, gas/oil separating plants, re-injection and storage systems, gas plants in general;

Laying cables;

Rehabilitation of damaged and corroded pipelines;

Geotechnical and restoration works;

Testing and Commissioning

Welding, NDT and PHWT works, including finalization of relevant procedures and tests

Quality Auditing and Document Control

Hydrostatic testing, de-watering and drying

Non-destructive Testing: Ultrasonic & Radiographic examination and interpretation, Dye Penetrant tests, etc

All SICIM activities are performed in compliance with the best HSE recognised codes and standards and, in particular, in respect of projects' local laws and regulations and in accordance with clients' requirements in order to protect health and life of people and to safeguard the environment.

In order to comply with local laws and regulations on all awarded international projects, SICIM involves local specialists with knowledge of applicable HSE requirements.

SICIM is currently active or having interests in Europe (Italy, France, Spain, Ireland, Germany and UK), Asia (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iraq), Central and South America (Mexico, Colombia and Peru) and Africa (Libya, Congo, Angola and Cameroon).

In the past, the company has installed over 9.000 km of pipelines and 25.000 t of steel facilities worldwide.
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